'The Accidental Prime Minister' Movie Review & Rating

By - January 11, 2019 - 01:22 PM IST

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Directed by: Vijay Ratnakar Gutte
Produced by: Sunil Bohra, Dhaval Gada
Written by: Vijay Ratnakar Gutte, Mayank Tewari, Karl Dunne, Aditya Sinha
Based on: The Accidental Prime Minister by Sanjaya Baru
Starring: Anupam Kher, Akshaye Khanna, Suzanne Bernert, Aahana Kumra
Music by: Sudip Roy, Sadhu Tiwari
Cinematography: Sachin Krishn
Edited by: Praveen K. L.
Production Company: Rudra Productions (UK), Bohra Bros, Pen India Limited
Release date: 11 January 2019
Language: Hindi

iQlikmovies Rating: 3/5

It is raining biopics these days. One of the much-anticipated biopics that have been making so much noise these days is 'The Accidental Prime Minister' which came out as the biopic on former Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh. The trailer of the film itself has hinted that the movie is going to showcase life, work, and controversies of India's 13th Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh. Based on the memoir of the same name, Vijay Ratnakar Gutte helmed this project. Anupam Kher reprised the role of Dr Manmohan Singh in the movie. After dodging so many controversies and objections, the movie has finally made it into the theatres today on January 11th, 2019. Here is the review of the film:


Most of the story is based on the book 'The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh' penned by political commentator Sanjaya Baru (Akshaye Khanna). However, it is a fictionalized adaptation of the memoir based on Sanjay Baru's time in the Prime Minister’s Office, during Manmohan Singh (Anupam Kher)'s first term as the PM of the Congress-led UPA Government. The story revolves around Sanjay Baru's observation as Media Advisor and also as the Chief Spokesperson of Dr Singh from May 2004 to August 2008. Issues like the Indo-US Nuclear Deal, Coalition Politics, 2G, 3G, CWG (Commonwealth Games) and Coal-gate scams are also discussed in the film.


Anupam Kher and Akshaye Khanna are the two pillars of this film. Anupam Kher underwent a surprising transformation. He looks exactly like Dr Manmohan Singh. Whether it comes to his looks or body language or dialogue delivery, we can see Manmohan Singh on the screens more than Anupam Kher. Akshaye Khanna's dominant performance as political commentator Sanjaya Baru is impressive. He not only looked like Sanjay but went into the skin of the character portraying the role. Suzanne Bernert as Sonia Gandhi poured life to that character. Especially in some scenes in the second half, her performance is terrific. Aahana Kumra and Arjun Mathur also justified their roles well. Abdul Qadir Amin delivered decent performance. The rest of the cast also made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:

The production values by Sunil Bohra and Dhaval Gada are super rich. The music by Sudip Roy and Sadhu Tiwari is one of the major highlights of the film. His astounding background music added more depth to the film. Cinematographer Sachin Krishn did a great job. He produced some brilliant visuals. Editing by Praveen K.L is excellent. There aren't any unnecessary or draggy scenes in the film. The runtime is crisp.


Director Vijay Ratnakar Gutte has prepared an intriguing story for the film which will keep the audience engaged. He succeeded in showcasing only the essential and necessary elements in the story. The way he handled the script is too good. He maintained the same pace in narration which is one of the best parts. The movie starts with Congress winning the elections in 2004, and Sonia Gandhi refuses to take up the Prime Minister of India position and selects then-Indian finance minister, Dr Manmohan Singh. The first half is intriguing and entertaining and showcases how a PM works how a soft-spoken man tries to do the right things with a smart media advisor by his side. The second half was confusing and uneven at times, but the execution of several scenes is excellent. Overall, the exciting narration and the intense performances by Akshaye Khanna and Anupam Kher make 'The Accidental Prime Minister' an entertaining watch.

Plus Points:


Minus Points:

Some scenes needed more stress!

Final Verdict:
Informative & Impressive Observation of Untold Stories!

Review By Ram


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