Bluff Master Telugu Movie Review & Rating

By - December 28, 2018 - 04:39 PM IST

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Starring : Satyadev, Nandita Swetha, Brahmaji, Prithvi Raj
Director : Gopi Ganesh Pattabhi
Producers : Ramesh P Pilla
Music Director : Sunil Kashyap
Cinematographer : Dasaradhi Shivendra
Release date: 28 December 2018
Language: Telugu


Like how technology gets updated day-to-day, the people in society are also getting cheated in various ways. We get to either read in the newspaper or watch on TV about the different cheatings and scams almost every day. Most debates among the people in society reveal many types of cheating, out of which few are shocking and others are well-known deceits in society. 'Bluff Master' is one such film which will make a viewer feel that it's a passe thing and there's nothing new to offer in it.


Uttam Kumar (Satyadev) learns about the value of money during his childhood days and he also gets to know about how people go out of the track to earn easy money. So, he decides to take the same path and deceits people by changing names. He continues to cheat the people with his deceiving words and leads a luxurious life. But when he was fighting for life, Purushottam gets cheated by his own people and that leads him to troubles in life. So, realising his mistakes of past Uttam decides to begin a fresh life. In the meanwhile, he marries his love interest Avani (Nanditha Swetha) and leads and life away from his previous business. But, Uttam's past doesn't leave him and one day, it puts his pregnant wife's life in danger. Will he be able to save both the mother and baby? What did he learn about the money? - should be seen on silver screen.


'Bluff Master' is a remake of 2014's Tamil movie 'Sathuranga Vettai'. The scams shown in that film might have seemed fresh during those times, but the cons have got updated now. This film offers the same cons that we have seen on TV and reads in the newspaper. Also, the director failed to present it in a new way. Generally, deception in the film can be blended with some amount of satire and fun. But, the filmmaker made a limited attempt in that direction. Moreover, the movie's major time is on cheating episodes with no twists and turns.

When the lead actor is in troubles, the film begins to pick pace. It can be pumped with some twists and thrilling scenes, but the director could not do that. Also, in the deceiving episodes, the film shows every role vulnerable to cheating. Only, some conversations during these episodes are little interesting. At the same time, the emotional scenes did not work out well. It's not believable how a girl trusts and marries a conman. On the while, Bluff Master runs away from our nativity and lacks strength in climax scenes.


Sathadev's acting is the biggest strength to this movie but he looks similar in almost all the scenes. When it comes to emotional episodes, the actor is not so impressive. Nanditha Swetha, who can be seen as an innocent lady, has got a limited role. And, she isn't glamorous onscreen. Also, the dubbing voiceover for the actress was out of sync. Aditya Menon will be seen as the villain, while Dhanraj, Prithvi & Brahmaji leads comedy portion. Chaitanya Krishna plays a crucial role in the film.


Technically, the movie scores average marks. The camera work for Dasaradhi Sivendra and music by Sunil Kashyap are not bad, and the production values are also not up to the mark. The director did some decent job with his writing, but he fails to make a mark when it comes to designing the characters and screenplay. 

Plus Points:

Satyadev acting
First Half

Minus Points:

Second Half
Lack of emotion

Final Verdict: Bluff Master lacks potential



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