'Bhairava Geetha' Movie Review And Rating

By - December 13, 2018 - 11:05 AM IST

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Film: Bhairava Geetha
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Siddhartha Thatholu
Produced by: Abhishek Nama and Bhaskar Rashi
Production Company: Abhishek Pictures
Starring: Dhananjay, Irra Mor and Raja Balwadi
Music: Ravi Shankar
Lyrics: SiraShree
Cinematography: Jagadeesh Cheekati
Edited by: Anwar Ali
Release date: 14 December 2018
Presenter: Ram Gopal Varma
Language: Telugu


Not just Ram Gopal Varma, his former assistants also are grabbing the attention of audiences with the kind of films they are making. Because no one is sure of their talents, they can either make an impressive movie or kill audiences’ time with a bad film. But, in these days, a very few films are gaining the attention of the viewers with first teaser or trailer. Siddhartha Thatholu’s ‘Bhairava Geetha’ is one among them. The title of the film and raw look that’s offered in the trailer have escalated the expectations on this film. So, what does this film presents? Has the debut filmmaker pulled it off in a better way or did he foil his Guru’s (RGV) image?




It’s a true crime story that happened in Rayalaseema in 1991. Bhairava is a trusted assistant to Subba Reddy and he treats Reddy as his father. Bhairava is always ready to either kill (anyone) or sacrifice his life for his father-like figure. But Subba Reddy, who ill-treats his own men, likes to have a strong contestant to either fight him or to lend a friendly hand. One day, Subba Reddy decides to get his daughter married to Katta Reddy. But Subba Reddy’s daughter pays no heed to her father’s decision and begins to like Bhairava, who saves her from enemies. When she conveys the same to her father Subba Reddy, he decides to end her love by eliminating Bhairava. He then instigates his henchmen to assassinate Bhairava. Will they succeed in their job? How Bhairava stands against Subba Reddy and how he will his love? – should be seen on silver screen.




The main plot of the film based on a real story and the film’s presenter Ram Gopal Varma explains the same at the time of title cards. Going by the gist of the movie narrated by Varma in the beginning, one can deduce the complete story. There are no twists and turns to expect from this story but it’s all about the impact on audiences who leave theatres at the end. Siddhartha takes full credit for the way he opens this story, the way he introduces his characters and for elevating the scenes at right time. He will make you remember his master Ram Gopal Varma in most of the scenes. Every frame looks quite natural and his cast is also very interesting. He will leave in doubts like - whether the story really happened in 1991?


When you’re telling a story that is already known, emotions should be caught perfectly, and they should appeal to the audiences in every frame. If the filmmaker succeeds in doing that, he can arrest the viewers in theatres. For this movie, Siddharth has done that job appropriately and he deserves a pat on the back for the same. The way Subba Reddy character was introduced and the pattern in which the ruthless character of Katta Reddy is shown are a few samples for his exemplary work. But, the love story between Bhairava-Geetha doesn’t carry any special attraction and it could have been catered in a better way.


The second half of the film concentrates on a weaker man revolting against strong Subba Reddy and it’s blended with the right amount of emotional drama and sentiment. When Bhairava raises his sword on Subba Reddy, it gives an essential high to this film. Other scenes wherein Bhairava drives a tractor full of dead bodies and dialogues in that scene are likely to give a kick to audiences. And the climax is routine as Bhairava eliminates his opposition and an end card follows.




When it comes to RGV films, he never made a mismatch in casting for his roles. He knows whom to recruit for his roles and in a similar way, his assistant Siddhartha has appropriately made the casting for Bhairava Geetha. He designed every single character on the screen with a great detailing and made sure to get the right people on board for all the characters. Dhananjay as Bhairava did an attractive job and his acting was totally natural and the actor who played Subba Reddy leaves his mark for sure. When it comes to the performance of Irra Mor, she did a decent job, but the makers should have opted a better-looking actress.


Technical Analysis:


There’s no compromise when it comes to technicalities of this film. Photography by Jagadeesh Cheekati is just outstanding and his camera works sure to take us deep into the story. Some frame in the film will make you feel the beauty of Rayalaseema. The background score has elevated this story to another level and the beautiful songs are an added advantage for this film. For the making of two romantic songs, the director deserves a special appreciation. Though it’s a routine story, the filmmaker moulded it interestingly with raw elements and finally, Bhairava Geetha will stand out for the good technicalities and it’s one of the decent faction films in the recent times.


Plus Points:

A realistic approach in telling the story


Camerawork, Music


Minus Points:

Known story



Final Verdict: Bhairava Geetha: A decent taking and good execution





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