'Kavacham' Movie Review And Rating

By - December 07, 2018 - 09:25 PM IST

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Film: Kavacham

Story, Screenplay, Direction: Srinivas Mamilla

Produced by: Naveen Sontineni, Chaganti Santaiah

Starring: Bellamkonda Srinivas, Kajal Aggarwal and Mehrene Pirzada

Music: Thaman SS

Cinematography: Chota K Naidu

Edited by: Anthony Nikhil Varghese


Rating: 2.5/5


Bellamkonda Srinivas is one actor who always strikes box-office with big-budgeted movies, regardless of his market potential. Starting from 'Alludu Srinu', the actor has followed the same formula. But, Bellamkonda Srinivas's last film 'Sakshyam' has left him in embarrassment. It's taught him that a story with a lot of loopholes won't work even if made with 30 or 40 Crores of the budget. So, the actor who's a son of top producer Bellamkonda Suresh has concentrated on right story, screenplay and came up with 'Kavacham'. Has this film, that is weaved like a mind game, delivered in the much-needed success to him?



Vijay (Bellamkonda Srinivas) works as a Police Sub-inspector (SI) in Vishakhapatnam. He solves all the cases that come to him quite tactically and daringly. One day, SI Vijay rescues Samyuktha (Mehrene Pirzada) from a set of goons and finds out about her love story. So, he decides to help her. But, Samyuktha's boyfriend cheats her and goes away. At the same time, Vijay's mother gets admitted to hospital after as she met with an accident. His mother can't be saved unless Rs 50 lakhs is paid for her treatment. So, to get that money, Samyuktha offers a plan to Vijay. She advises him to kidnap her and demand Rs 50 lakh so that he can adjust the money for his mother's medical operation. To save his mother, Vijay is left with no other option and so, he plans to kidnap Samyuktha. How this episode will impact the life of Vijay and how he deals with it is what the story of 'Kavacham' is about!



In the past, several mind game films have come and Kavacham is one among them. It's a face-off between a brilliant protagonist and an antagonist with much more knack. Kavacham is a story with full of twists and turns, but the filmmakers failed in executing them as exciting episodes. The film kicks off on a slower note and the love story with Kajal Aggarwal is totally boring. The first half of the film passes off with fights and songs. Minutes ahead of the interval, the story picks pace & kidnap drama is quite arresting. But, as the fake kidnap turns real - hero gets stuck in a trap and it is the twist of the film.

The interval leaves viewers with a question - 'how the director will unfold the story?'. Though the second half gets a great take off, the film falls flat slowly. Rather than the protagonist looking out for clues to solve the puzzle, the clues come across him. So, the audiences may lose interest in it.

During the interval block, a regular viewer will be able to estimate twists and turns of the tale. The thriller films need special attention from the director in revealing the twists, but this film has got no such attention and those scenes fall flat. Further, the story gets lagged even after the main twist is revealed. And finally, the climax is no different from regular thriller films.



Bellamkonda has got a lot of ease in his acting and he continues to offer it with this film as well. Though the actor seemed like he has put in all the efforts, he has to improve in dialogue delivery and performing emotional scenes. Two heroines - Mehrene Pirzada & Kajal Aggarwal - are acting with Bellamkonda Srinivas for the first time. The film gives high prominence for senior Kajal over Mehrene. The director hasn't made the better use of the actor in Neil Nithin Mukesh & majorly concentrated on building up his character. Also, Harshvardhan Rane plays a small role in the film. Posani, who leads the comedy department, has done a very bad job.


Technical Analysis:

Not even one song of Thaman SS is impressive and they looked very lagging onscreen. But, the musician did the job better when it comes to background score. Cinematographer Chota K Prasad deserves a pat on the back for his grand visual work. The filmmaker has planned a great plot but he couldn't execute them well on the screen.


Plus Points:


Minus Points:

First Half
The pattern followed to reveal twists


Final Verdict: Kavacham lacks potential



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