'Subrahmanyapuram' Movie Review And Rating

By - December 07, 2018 - 03:40 PM IST

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Film: Subrahmanyapuram
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Santhosh Jagarlapudi
Produced by: Beeram Sudhakara Reddy
Starring: Sumanth, Eesha Rebba, Sai Kumar and others
Music: Shekar Chandra
Cinematography: R.K Prathap
Edited by: Karthika Srinivas
Production Company: Sudhakar Impex IPL

Rating: 2/5


There’s always a good market for suspense thrillers and audiences do wait to enjoy the thriller genre. Also, there’s always for makers who come up with this genre because they can be made on a low budget and enjoys good reach among viewers. That’s the reason why Nikhil’s Karthikeya, Sai Pallavi’s ‘Kanam’, which fall under this category of films, enjoyed the good response from the audiences. Now, Sumanth starrer ‘Subrahmanyapuram’, which also is a suspense thriller is carrying good buzz ahead of release. Santhosh Jagarlapudi, a debutant, has made this film with Sumanth, who delivered a successful film ‘Malli Raava’ last year.



Karthik (Sumanth) is a research scholar who has his interest in studying temples, but he is a non-believer of god. Subrahmanyapuram, known for famous temples, witnesses a series of suicides in a mysterious manner. With a view to unfold the mystery behind these deaths, Karthik goes to Subrahmanyapuram. How he will crack the mystery, how he will meet Priya (Eesha Rebba), how they fall in love and who is behind those deaths is what audiences should catch onscreen.



Usually, the runtime of suspense thriller is very short, and the plot revolves around the key mystery with a tight screenplay. The film Subrahmanyapuram makes no exception to it. Though a small story which’s told in an interesting way will win at the box-office. But the new director who could not deal with it has failed to impress. The film starts off with a very interesting episode which carries a suspense as the story unfolds. But the filmmaker could not hold it till the end. The story and screenplay in the first half run at a slow pace. The story only establishes the suicides part in the first half and falls flat for the rest of time. Also, the investigation part by Karthik is also not so impressive. In total, the first half falls flat and there’s nothing to talk about it. Only in the second half, the story unfolds the mystery behind suicides but as soon it gets revealed, there’s nothing much to excite the audiences. It looks like the formula followed by the director falls flat for viewers. Also, the low budget of the film has dented the film with mediocre graphics. This film proves that the director cannot offer a successful film with a small point and one must undergo proper homework to impress the audiences, particularly the thrillers.



Sumanth is one good actor who can act subtly with great underplay. He made sure he makes there’s no fault with his acting. Had there been any other actor other than Sumanth, the result would be much worse. And there’s nothing that Eesha Rebba can add to the film as she plays a role which comes in and goes off for a small time. Sai Kumar and Suresh played the regular roles.


Technical Aspects:

Camera work, music and other technical aspects were not top-notch. Technically, the serials made in Telugu offer much better than this film Subrahmanyapuram. The budget limitations might have controlled the director to establish his point in a better way. Overall, the script needed much more homework and a better screenplay.


Plus Points:

The main plot of the story

Minus Points:

Production values

Final Verdict: Subrahmanyapuram – Slow And Unexciting


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