Where Is The Venkata Lakshmi Review & Rating

By - March 15, 2019 - 06:11 PM IST

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Movie: Where Is the VenkataLakshmi
Starring: Raai Lakshmi, Poojitha Ponnada, Madhunandan, Praveen and others
Produced by: 
M Sridhar Reddy, H Anand Reddy And R K Reddy
Production Company:
ABT Creations Banner
Music by:
Hari Gowra
Directed by:
Kishore Kumar
Written by: Thatavarthi Kiran
Edited by: S R Shekar
Release date: March 15, 2019
Country: India
Language: Telugu

iQlikMovies Rating: 1.5/5

Horror comedy has become a good trend in the film industry there. These films keep our audiences on edge of the seat with some thrilling, scary and comedy content. 3 out of every 10 small budget films made in Telugu are Horror stories. Since the genre film can be made on a very low budget and is capable of making huge money at the box-office, our makers tend to make more such films. So, the latest horror comedy made in Telugu is 'Where is the Venkata Lakshmi?'. Even before the release, the film created a good buzz. So, let us take a look at what is good and bad about the movie!


Venkata Lakshmi (Raai Laxmi) enters a village as a teacher. Attracted to her glamour, both Chanti (Praveen) and Pandu (Madhu Nandan) falls in love with Venkata Lakshmi. With no work and ambition in life, Chanti and Pandu decide to do anything for Venkata Lakshmi. At the same time, she also plans to use them for her work. In the process, they learn that Venkata Lakshmi is possessed by a ghost. So, what did she ask Chanti and Pandu to do? What happens to them in the end? How is the story linked to Shekar (Ram Karthik) and Gauri (Poojitha Ponnada) love story? That is the story of ‘Where is the Venkata Lakshmi?’.


Most of the horror comedy thrillers are about how a ghost tries to take its revenge. This movie also falls on the same line. But, the suspense element lies in whether Venkata Lakshmi is a ghost or not! In general, the behaviour of the ghost generates comedy and horror. Also, the story of that ghost should be revealed very emotionally. But, the story has failed in both aspects. The main plot of the film is how the two aimless men do good work. But, the director could not establish them well and the story contains no strength. In most of the scenes, the maker made an attempt to insert needless characters and bored audiences with weak comedy. It's the story of Chanti, Pandu, Venkata Lakshmi and Veera Reddy. The director might have included hero and heroine roles to commercialize the film but they add no weight to the story. Also, the silly activities done by Pandu and Chanti will not interest us. Though the villain scenes are ok in the first half, they are too silly in the second half of the film. Neither the screenplay nor the scenes have that strength.


Raai Laxmi as Venkata Lakshmi is too crucial for the film but the way it was designed is bad. Only in one scene, she can be seen scaring us. And in rest of her scenes, Raai is projected glamorously. Praveen, Madhu Nandan were seen in full-length roles and they tried to generate some comedy within their limit. But, their efforts did not work. Ram Karthik and Poojitha Ponnada will be seen in shorter roles. But, they raise temperatures with a hot kiss in a song. Pankaj Kesari and Veera Reddy were decent.


The film is technically good. The camera work by Venkat and music by Hari Gouri were suitable for the story. The double meaning dialogues penned by Kiran offers little cheer in theatres. But, the director Kishore could not well develop a story suitable for horror comedy. That is why this film falls flat. The makers should have put to them some questions like 'Where is the comedy?' 'Where is the horror?' in 'Where is the Venkata Lakshmi?'. The film is disappointing till the end with boring, routine and silly scenes.

Plus Points:

Raai Laxmi glamour

Minus Points:

Lack of Comedy
logicless scenes
slow narration

Final Verdict: Where is the Entertainment?


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