Suryakantham Movie Review & Rating

By - March 29, 2019 - 02:41 PM IST

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Film: Suryakantham
Cast: Rahul Vijay, Niharika Konidela and others
Director: Pranith Brahmandapally
Presenter: Varun Tej
Production: Nirvana Cinemas
Music: Mark K Robin

iQlikMovies Rating: 2.25/5

Niharika's previous movies 'Oka Manasu' and 'Happy Wedding' ended up as disasters at the box office. Now, she is all set to enthral the audience with her upcoming film 'Suryakantham.' Billed to be a romantic comedy entertainer, Praneeth Bramandapally helmed this project. 'Ee Maya Peremito' Fame Rahul Vijay played the lead role in the film. The movie has been casting a decent pre-release buzz among the audience. USA distributors Nirvana Cinemas are bankrolling this project. Mark K Robin composed tunes for the film which finally got released today on March 29th release.


Abhi (Rahul Vijay) falls for Suryakantham (Niharika Konidela). When things are good, and when Abhi wanted to marry Suryakantham, she vanishes off from Abhi's life. Having left with no other option, Abhi gets engaged to Pooja (Perlene). When they are about to get married, Suryakantham returns. Where did she go? Why did she come back? What happens in the end? Forms the story of the movie.


Niharika Konidela's energy is contagious even on the silver screens. She looked different in this film. Justifying the title, the film is all about her character and Niharika has pulled it off with grace. Rahul Vijay is apt for his role. He looked handsome and has shown improvement in his acting skills. Perlene Bhesania got an impressive debut with this flick. She looked gorgeous in the film and has also delivered a good performance. Shivaji Raja and Satya justified their roles and also evoked good laughs. Madhumani is too good. Suhasini is an asset for this film. The rest of the cast also made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:

Production values of Nirvana Cinemas banner are lavish. Music by Mark K Robin can be considered as one of the major highlights in the film. Not only his songs but also his awesome BGM added more strength for this film. Hari Jasthi's cinematography is excellent. He produced some colourful visuals. Editing by Raviteja Girijala is just average. Overall, the technical team did a good job.


Pranith has already showcased his directorial skills with his web series, but now as a director of a feature film, he has taken his skills to the next level. It is evident that directing the web series has helped Pranith to helm this project. Though this is his first movie, there are no rookie mistakes which is impressive. He has not only prepared an interesting script but also narrated and executed it well. Unlike the other typical triangular love stories, 'Suryakantham' has its charm and a different kind of story. However, though the story is good, the conflict point between the lovers is not strong enough which will lead the audience to lose interest in the film. The movie started with lots of entertainment, but everything vanishes in the second half. The first half concentrated more on the entertainment side whereas the second half fails as it focusses more on the sentiment and emotional side. All the actors did a good job which is a plus point, but the weak story is a minus point.

Plus Points:

Youthful content
Niharika' Presence

Minus Points:

Routine & Predictable Story
Few Boring Scenes

Final Verdict:
'Suryakantham' is an average movie with its shortcomings.

Review By Ram


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