Vikram's Mr KK Movie Review And Rating

By - July 19, 2019 - 07:16 PM IST

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Directed by: Rajesh M Selva
Produced by: Raajkamal Films International & Trident Arts
Written by: Rajesh M Seiva
Screenplay by: Rajesh M Selva
Music by: Ghibran
Cinematography bySrinivas R.Gutha
Edited by:Praveen K L
Release date: 19 July 2019

Language: Telugu

iQlikMovie Rating: 2/5

With films like Sivaputrudu and Aparichitudu, actor Vikram proved what is capable of as an actor. He is an actor who never goes back when it comes to experimenting with his movies. In fact, that kind of movies fetched a special image for the star actor. But, that image has now become a kind of baggage for Vikram as his fans want him to do offbeat roles all the time. They will not be able to take it if Vikram tries to do a routine film. In the process, Vikram is unable to score a hit with a commercial film and he hasn't registered a proper hit in the last few years. And, the latest movie by Vikram is 'Mr. KK'.


KK (Vikram) is found to be guilty in a murder case and Malaysian police are in search of him. In the process, he will get injured and get admitted to a hospital. KK's brother then kidnaps the doctor's wife (Akshara Haasan) and demands him to handover KK safely in order to have his wife back. Having no option left, the doctor helps KK to escape from the hospital. Since then, Malaysian policemen remain in search of both of them. On another hand, the doctor's wife also gets struck in some troubles. What's next? Is there any other reason for police to search for KK? How the doctor gets out of this mess? - all these elements should be seen on the big screen.

Audiences always expect something interesting from Vikram films and there is no fault in it. Because the actor has prepared them like that. But, Mr. KK fails to offer that freshness and it will make us think why Vikram has agreed on this script. He has, for the first time, agreed to a script that does not demand his hard work and a character which falls very flat. There is nothing much to brief about the story and one may feel why did Kamal Haasan and Vikram join hands for such a plain subject? Initially, this film was supposed to be done by Kamal Haasan but he later handed it over to Vikram and remained as a producer.

The director consumed a lot of time to get into the story. The hospital-scenes and episodes that involve doctor couple are totally uninteresting. The filmmaker should've made it intriguing after Akshara Haasan's kidnap but it didn't happen. For a very long time, Vikram is limited to a hospital bed and audiences wait for him to take the story forward. Till the interval block, Vikram has been almost wasted. Some of us may even feel that he has just done a guest role in the movie. In the second hand, the director made an attempt to excite viewers with chasing scenes & action episodes. But, it didn't work well. While we expect that we will be in many twists and turns in murder care, the director ends it without much hoopla around it. In films like this, we expect thrilling elements and amazing climax episode, but the director has totally failed to deliver it. The character of KK is introduced as a double agent and Commando but his character will not live up the description. The film touted as an action thriller, neither offers us action nor thrills us. Only good thing is that the story doesn't have any scope to songs.  

It is not the kind of script that demands an actor like Vikram. Because it will not test his acting potential. Throughout the film, he will be seen in a serious avatar and only in one costume. Akshara Haasan has played a role which has got some weight, but it's a very shorter one. Abi Haasan who played the role of Vasu is impressive and the rest of the actors are Tamil faces. They did an okay job.

Technical Aspects:
Stories like this require brilliant technical work but they don't seem to have put in a complete effort. Camera work is suitable for the mood and the same kind of BGM is repeated throughout the film. The director has done umpteen number of blunders in story and screenplay. He's narrated a routine story with a plain screenplay. The biggest drawback is the script doesn't contain any twists and turns. 

Plus Points:
- Short runtime.

Minus Points:
Very flat twists

Final Verdict: Mr. KK is routine and boring!


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