Raja Varu Rani Gaaru Review & Rating

By - November 29, 2019 - 11:36 AM IST

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Film: Raja Varu Rani Garu
Cast - Kiran Abbavaram, Rahasya Gorak, Rajkumar Kasireddy, Yazurved Gurram, Snehamadhuri Sharma, Divya Narni
Written and Directed by - Ravi Kiran Kola
Production House - SL Entertainments
Producer - Manovikas D
Music - Jay Krish
Cinematography - Vidyasagar Chinta, Amardeep Guttula
Editing - Viplav Nyshadam
Sound Design - Sync Cinema
Sound Mixing - Aravind Menon
Lyrics - Sanapati Bharadwaj Patrudu, Rakendu Mouli
Production team - Nanda Lokasani - Marripalem Vinesh Sai Santosh - Challapalli Vishal - Satish Varaputra - Mohan - M. Krupa Roy
Publicity Designs - Dhani Aelay
Digital Media - Sai Prakash - Vineeth Babu
Music Label - Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.
Release Date: November 29, 2019
Language: Telugu

iQlikMovies Rating: 3/5

Kiran Abbavaram and Rahasya Gorak starrer 'Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru' movie has been making a huge noise in the industry lately. The teaser and trailer of the film have increased the expectations among the audience. Directed by Ravi Kiran Kola, the movie which touts to be a romantic love story based on 90s backdrop has finally hit the theatres today on November 29, 2019. Here is the review of the movie.

Raja (Kiran Abbavaram) falls in love with Rani (Rahasya Gorak) in his teenage. However, he is scared to express his feelings to her. His fear of rejection will keep him in silence about his love for a long time. What did Raja do? How his friends Chowdary and Naidu help him dodge all the problems? What happened to Raja and Rani's love story? Forms the rest of the story.

Kiran Abbavaram is definitely the show stealer of this movie. The actor has delivered an energetic performance in the movie. Rahasya Gorak is looking beautiful in the movie. The actress will definitely grab the attention with her performance in the film. Especially, the scenes with Kiran and Rahasya are superb. Their chemistry is beautiful to watch. Yazurved Gurram acted honestly in the movie. Rajkumar delivered an honest performance in the film. Kasireddy's performance added more strength to the movie. Snehamadhuri Sharma acted naturally. The supporting cast Srinivas Bhogireddy and Kedaar Shankar are good. The rest of the actors also made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:
Ravi Kiran Kola has prepared a simple storyline for the movie. There are no major twists and turns but his engaging narration will keep the audience stick to their chairs. The director will surely get extra credits for his storytelling skills. Each and every visual came out really beautiful on the silver screens. Production values by Manovikas D, under SL Entertainments, are very high. Music by Jay Krish is top-notch. Keeping the songs aside, his BGM is astounding. Cinematographers Vidyasagar Chinta and Amardeep Guttala are too good and they have delivered beautiful visuals for the film which add more strength for the movie. Editing by Viplav Nyshadam is neat.

The movie starts off on an interesting note. The first half of the film itself will engage the audience. Most of the scenes are very simple and happens in everyday life which made the movie even more relatable. The youth can easily connect with the story. Keeping the backdrop aside, the love story between the leads also got showcased in a beautiful way. Performances added more strength to the movie. BGM, visuals story narration will be the biggest plus point of the film. There are no visible flaws in the film but the film could have been much better in terms of narration and conveying the story with a proper pace. Except for that, the film is definitely a feel-good entertainer.

Plus Points:
Freshness in Execution

Minus Points:
Slow Narration

Final Verdict: 'Raja Varu Rani Gaaru' is a feel-good entertainer


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