Loser Web Series Review

By - May 18, 2020 - 11:55 AM IST

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Starring: Priyadharshi, Shashank, Annie, Pavani Gangireddy, Sayaji Shinde, Shashank and others
Banner: Annapurna Studios
Production: Zee 5 Original
Director: Abhilash Reddy
Music: Sreeram Madduri
Cinematographer: Naresh Ramadurai
Release Date: May 15, 2020

Zee5 is the leading streaming platform actively producing Telugu content. After a successful show called GOD, Zee5 now came up with Loser. Annapurna Studios bankrolled the web series while Abhilash Reddy, a former Annapurna film school student directed it. Sashank, Priyadarshi, Kalpika, Pavani Gangireddy, Baby Annie, and others played the leads in the web series.

Suri (Priyadarshi) is an orphan who wants to represent India in Rifle Shooting. But he lacks the money to buy a gun. Wilson (Sashank), a cricketer who spoiled his career due to his anger issues settles for less in life. Ruby Shabana (Kalpika Ganesh) is a bank employee who's not satisfied in life and survived a bitter past by quitting badminton. All these three consider themselves as Loser.

Priyadarshi is an actor who can play different roles well. We all knew him as a good comic actor but he has got the potential to play emotional characters too. With this series, he proved the same. His pair Pavani Gangireddy has given him the much-needed support and she looked beautiful on the screen.

Sashank as Wilson is impressive. Surely, he will bag more opportunities with this web series. The actor who played his wife is also good with performance.

Baby Annie and Kalpika Ganesh played Ruby Wilson well. Sayaji Shinde and Satya gave good support. Banerji, Ashok Kumar, and other supporting cast made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:
The camera work and lighting are beautiful. The cinematographer created a perfect mood for the audiences and took the film to the next level. The background score and the songs are placed perfectly. Technically, Loser is very good.

The series revolves around three characters. Without dragging the story, the director and writers gave equal importance to every character and carried the emotion perfectly. The smart writing in connecting the lives of all three characters is impressive. With good writing, came the good values for the web series.

Every single character in the web series is relatable. It looks like the team spent quality time on pre-production. The realistic making, emotional connection to the characters, and an engaging narration for all the ten episodes are the major highlights of the show.


Plus Points:

Minus Points:
Slow pace at times

Final Verdict: 'Loser' wins the audience's hearts!


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