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By - May 29, 2020 - 04:13 PM IST

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Film: Run
OTT: Aha App
Starring: Navdeep, Pujitha Ponnada, Amit, Shafi, and others
Director: Lakshmikanth Chenna
Production: First Frame Entertainments

Navdeep starrer 'Run' movie finally got released on direct OTT platform, Aha Video. Poojitha Ponnada played the female lead in this movie. Lakshmikanth Chenna helmed this project which featured Venkat, Amit, Shafi, Madhu Nandan, Kireeti Damaraju, Bhanu Sri etc in crucial roles. First Frame Entertainments banner bankrolled this project whereas Naresh Kumaran composed tunes for this film. Touted to be a crime thriller, here is the review of the film.

Shruti (Poojitha Ponnada) falls in love with Sandeep (Navdeep) in love at first sight. Sandeep also reciprocates her feelings. Soon, they decide to get married. Just when their love life is going on smoothly, an unexpected incident turns the lives of Shruti and Sandeep upside down. The rest of the story will be a thrilling one. What is the incident that disturbs the life of Sandeep? What happens to them? What happened at the end of the story? To find out the answers, we have to watch the film.

Navdeep's performance is just up to the mark. However, there were some scenes in which the actor has failed to showcase the emotions well. Poojitha Ponnada looked beautiful and got a different kind of role in the film. But she has failed to blend well with the character in the movie. Venkat, Amit and Shafi justified their roles. Madhu Nandan also delivered a decent performance in the film. Bhanu Sri and Kireeti are just average. The rookie artists in the film won't leave a good impression on the audience.

Technical Aspects:
The film lacks a solid story which became the biggest drawback for the film. Despite having the potential, the director has utterly failed to live up to the expectations. The boring screenplay will absolutely test the patience of the audience. Though the run time is very short, the director has failed to engage the audience in his direction. Also, the sloppy screenplay will irk the audience. The production values got wasted. The technical department also miserably failed to execute the film. Naresh Kumaran's music is also as bad as the movie. Satish Rajendran's visuals are not at all appealing.

Except for the fact that the film runs for only 1 hour 20 minutes, there are no positive things about the film. From performances to editing, each and everything about the movie is just a waste of time. Some scenes won't even make some sense. The movie can be an example of bad film making and a big patience test for the audience. Though the director has tried to come up with an epic thriller, his efforts didn't pay off well. Overall, the movie is a complete mess and is not all worth watching once.

Final Verdict: 'Run' Away!



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