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Movie: Climax
Starring: Mia Malkova
Directed by RGV / Ram Gopal Varma
Producers: RSR Production & Shreyas ET presentation

Ram Gopal Varma's first-ever attempt on digital space is titled Climax. The film released online as promised on June 6th. Mia Malkova played the lead role in the film and the movie happens in a desert. This is their second-time collaboration after God, Sex, and Truth. The film will be streamed on a pay-per-view model and a hundred rupees are fixed as the ticket price. The director released two trailers of the film and hiked the curiosity around the movie. Climax is an RSR Production & Shreyas ET presentation.

A couple goes to a desert on a trip and gets caught in a bizarre situation. What is that situation? What did they do then? Is what unfolds on the screen.

From the first scene itself, the director focuses on exposing the glamour of Mia Malkova. There is no proper flow of the story and the film is only a series of scenes attached together with loud background score and weird camera angles. The conversations between the actors are also not clear. The background score rings in from the first scene itself and it goes on and on without any sync to what actually is happening in the movie.

Apart from the two lead actors, we see a bunch of a lot of other people on the screen who just come and go. There is no proper justification for anything happening on the screen. It all looks like RGV shooting a bunch of scenes as per his mood and edited them together by adding some background score.

Most of the people usually expect a continuous glam show from Mia Malkova but even that aspect disappoints the viewers. There are only a few scenes where Mia Malkova spreads her charm on the screen. The weird camera angles and the never-ending background score adds more frustration to the audiences along with a story that makes no sense.

The camera work is good in some scenes and the makers maintained good quality. Except for that, the film has nothing that can be worth the 100 rupees that people pay to watch the film.

Climax is a film that does not have any story. Ram Gopal Varma wanted to prove to everyone that he can make a film with a simple idea and draw everyone's attention to it. This is not the first time that RGV did something like this. Yet again, he made a film that is worthless of anything. We can say that this is RGV's attempt to enter the digital space is of no value. The movie disappoints big time and if at all there is any positive aspect, it is that the film is having a duration of 52 minutes. Apart from that, there is nothing that is good about RGV's climax.

On the concluding note, RGV proves no worth even on the digital space and the trailer of Climax is good to watch n number of times than the film.

Plus Points:

Minus Points:
Everything other than duration

Final Verdict: RGV serves Disappointment on OTT platform


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