Nishabdham Movie Review And Rating

By - October 02, 2020 - 10:20 AM IST

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Movie Name - Nishabdham
Cast - Anushka, Madhavan, Anjali, Shalini Pandey, Subbaraju, and Srinivas Avasarala
Director - Hemant Madhukar
Producer - Kona Venkat, TG Vishwa Prasad
Music - Gopi Sunder
DOP - Shaniel Deo
Editor - Prawin Pudi

iQlikMovies Rating: 2.25/5

After a lot of postponements, the makers of Anushka's Nishabdham have decided to release the film directly on the digital platform Amazon Prime Video. Finally, it has premiered about a while ago in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. Here is the review of it.


Nishabdham is a murder mystery thriller that revolves around the death of a popular cello player (Madhavan). He is found dead at his home and that house is rumored to be haunted. The cops and the acquaintances of him start unraveling the mystery behind his death and come to know about various other secrets. Who committed that crime forms the major plot-line of the story.


Anushka is the sole of this film. She carries the movie on her shoulders and runs it throughout the runtime. It is good to see her back after a while and that too in an author-backed role like this. We wish she does more content-oriented roles like the one in this film. Madhavan played a key role in the movie and he has done justice to his part. Shalini Pandey is effective as Anushka's friend. Anjali looked cool as the investigative cop. Subbaraju and Srinivas Avasarala gave their best in their roles. Hollywood actor Micheal Madsen was a bit loud in his character.

Technical Aspects:

The major asset of the film is the cinematography of Shaniel Deo. He brought a great look to the film and you feel like watching a Hollywood flick. The entire film was shot in the US and the locations look rich and beautiful. The production design is excellent as well. All these aspects brought a good feel to the film.

The music by Gopi Sunder is good. The songs are okay but the background score is very good. The editing is crisp as well. The entire technical team gave their best to the film.


Nishabdham has got an interesting story but it did not get translated in a similar manner on the screen. The film has elements of thrill and horror but they could not impress the audiences. The film offered a lot of boredom to the audiences. There are hardly any moments that thrilled the audiences in the right manner. Anushka performed well but she could not carry the film on her shoulders to the success. Hemanth Madhukar failed to pull out the best from the talented actors he got on board. The plotline lacks a lot of logic. The screenplay is also uneven. On the whole, Nishabdham is a huge disappointment to the audiences.

Plus Points:

Anushka Scenes
Camera Work

Minus Points:

Slow Pace
Boring Screenplay
No logics

Verdict: Nishabham offers no thrills


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