Vitamin She Movie Review and Rating

By - December 29, 2020 - 12:22 PM IST

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Cast: Srikanth Gurram, Prachi Thaker, Vikas, Ranjith Reddy and others

Director: Jayashankarr

Producer: Ravi Polishetty

Music: PVR Raja

Cinematographer: Shiva Shankara Vara Prasad

Editor: Nani Lukka

Rating: 3/5

The extensive digitalization in the modern era is changing the human lives a lot. Every day, we see new technologies coming up which make our lives pretty easy. However, we should control these technologies and they shouldn't control us. The makers of Vitamin She tried to explore what happens if we become slaves to these technologies. This experimental film is now available for streaming. Here is our review of it.


Leo is a care-free young guy who is a mobile-freak. He cannot live for a moment without his mobile. Meanwhile, Leo falls in love with Vaidehi, who works in his office. On the flip side, Vaidehi doesn't pay any attention to Leo. One day, Leo purchases a new mobile and discovers a voice assistant in it, named Laila. This voice assistant turns out to be a personal assistant for Leo as it helps him in every aspect. It also helps him to get close to Vaidehi. However, things take a turn when Laila starts developing feelings for Leo. What happens next forms the main crux of the film.


The film has a minimal cast. Leo and Vaidehi are the ones who get more screen-time. Leo looks like a boy next door and his performance was good. He never went overboard and acted with ease. Many youngsters of the present generation can relate to his performance.

Vaidehi suited the role of a typical corporate employee. She acted well in her role. Her chemistry with Leo was good. The other major character in the film is of Laila. Though we just witness the voice of Laila, it plays a major part in the film's story. Laila's chemistry with Leo worked big time.

Technical Aspects:

The makers should be commended for coming up with such a unique and relevant concept which can appeal to the present generation audiences. It is never an easy task to make a film amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with all the restrictions put up on the makers. But the team pulled off well and came up with a good output.

They tried to give a good message on how technology is overtaking our lives and how dangerous it can be in the future. The runtime is just about 70 minutes and it is also an added advantage. The background score is good and the cinematography is decent. The dialogues were well-written and thought-provoking at the same time.


Vitamin She can be considered as an independent film as its runtime is just over an hour. We have seen a few films in the past in which gadgets overtake the lives of humans. Even this film comes with a similar concept but this one has a good relatable factor. We all connect with Leo's character and his addiction to mobile. His conversations with voice assistant Laila were well-written. Instead of being preachy towards the climax, the director tried to keep it simple and it worked well. A few sexual references may disturb a certain section of viewers but they never tamper the flow of the film.

Plus Points:

Unique concept



Minus Points:

A few overboard scenes

Final Verdict: A good timepass flick


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