Anukoni Prayanam Movie Review and Rating

By - October 28, 2022 - 02:33 PM IST

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Film: Anukoni Prayanam
Release Date: October 28, 2022
Starring: Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Narasimharaju, Prema, Tulasi, Ravi Babu, Subhaleka Sudhakar, and others
Director: Venkatesh Pediredla
Producer: Dr. Jagan Mohan D.Y
Music Director : S Siva Dinavahi
Cinematography : Mallikarjun Naragani
Editor : Ram Tumu

iQlik Movies Rating: 2.5/5

Natakireeti Dr. Rajendra Prasad is playing the lead role in the Telugu film Anukoni Prayanam. The film was released in theatres today. Directed by Venkatesh Pediredla, the film also features Narasimha Raju in a crucial role. The film's review is out and check out the same.

Rajendra Prasad and Narasimha Raju are very good friends Both work at a construction site in Bhuvaneshwar as daily wage labours. He does not have any trust in building relationships but will only mind his business. However, during the Coronavirus pandemic, he decides to go back to his native village. During the journey, his friend Narasimha Raju dies and it comes as a big shock to Rajendra Prasad. When he decides to take the dead body to the village, he encounters several problems. What are the problems? What did he do then? What happens in the end? Forms the story of the movie.

Rajendra Prasad lived up to the expectations of his tag Nata Kireeti. His performance is up to the mark and has impressed everyone big time. He played the lead role very well in the movie. He impressed everyone big time with his performance, especially in the emotional sequences. There is a good scope for performance and he took the advantage of the same very well.

Narasimha Raju is another senior actor who also played his role well. His scenes with Rajendra Prasad have come out well. The other actors Tulasi, Ravi Babu, and all the others played their parts well and made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:
The dialogues penned by Paruchuri Brothers are good and have got good depth in them. Siva Dinavahi is the music director of the film. He has come up with two songs which are meaningful and are going along with the theme.

Mallikarjun Naragani's cinematography is good and the locations are excellent. The production values of the movie are good.

The makers spent ample money on the project. There are a few lag scenes which could have been chopped off. The film has good scope for drama but the makers failed to pull it off.

Anukoni Prayanam has got a very interesting theme. The film is truly based on human emotions. The director made sure to tell the importance of the same strongly. The film also tells us the tale of human lives and the problems they face. But, the same was not conveyed in an engaging manner. The team could have worked out in a much better manner. The plot is good but the screenplay is extremely boring. The lengthy runtime, slow screenplay and some forced scenes have become the spoilsport for the film.

Plus Points:
Plot line

Minus Points:
Lengthy Runtime

Final Verdict: A boring journey


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