Tollywood Losses crores in Telangana Tiff

September 2, 2013
Tollywood Loses crores in Telangana Tiff

Cause of worry

The recently built unrest agitations over Samaikandhra, resulted in pushing back the big ticket launches to indefinite periods. At this very moment the Tollywood film industry is set with a backlog of 250 crores and a confirmed loss of 120 crores. It can be said that in the recent times, Tollywood has never been under such traps. The agitations from the two major pools of Andhra and Rayalaseema regions by the Samaikandhra has really derailed the Box office of Tollywood cinema.

Reasons for unrest

Though previously there were some minor problems faced by the industry, but it never took a stirring menus. After the very diversification of the Telangana state by the Government, it seems like the Tollwood has become the bull’s eye. Tollywood is in a major downfall in business, with major big budgeted films who have previously booked the festive occasions of August for their release have now pushed to indefinite period. After the division of the states the places in Seemandhra are now getting agitated of their deprivation.

According to the information that can be collected from various distributers, is that they cannot take the risk of exhibiting new films in the movie theatres. The reason mainly is due to the ongoing strikes and political unrest that is following in this particular region. The distributors are rather more intended to run the existing movies so that they can cover up some burden of losses. The loss has shattered so much in Vijaywada belt, that the branch distributors are now strict to run only two movies. The reasons for this is that a fixed entertainment tax which understands no loss or profit have to be paid, as well as the staffs and other employees of the units whose remunerations are to be scaled.Tollywood Loses crores in Telangana Tiff

Aftermaths of the agitations in Seemandhra regions

Many producers feel that this can ultimately result in a big drop down in the revenue incurred of the Tollywood film industry. The reasons according to many notable people inside the Tollywood film industry, is that this agitation is lacking a pioneer spokesperson. The telangana movement was an organized one, and it could reach out to the Government’s chair in real time. There was a clear cut agreement and deal involved. While the movements in Seemandhra regions are organized by the common mob, so the problem is seeing a no ending solution to it. Though the biggest hitters are the high budgeted Tollywood upcoming movies, but even the small budgeted movies are seeing no big gainers. Only the silver lining is seen through the Kollywood movies and Bollywood films like Chennai Express and Thalaivaa.

A ray of hope to overcome

The two high profile films of this year namely, Ram Charan’s “Yavadu” and Power star Pawan Kalyan’s “Attrenki Daredi” is the only hopes to make the Tollywood again regain from losses. But with these two films postponing their dates of release and still no such confirmations done so when they will officially be screened, the Tollywood film industry finds in no clue to come out of this hard hitting derailment on their way.

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