Popularity of the upcoming star kids in B- Town

September 3, 2013
Popularity of the upcoming star kids in B- Town

Recent Hype on star kids

Most of the star kids in today’s B- town are yet to be familiar with the fact of their identity. Joining the fraternity of the tinsel town is no way a thing in their minds. With the recent news speculations that gathered around with the latest kid in Bollywood Town, is with Abram, King Khan’s youngest member in Mannat. The photographers are waiting with longing hearts to get the pics of this new born baby. According to some industry insiders who have seen Abram, reports that he is the cutest of the lot.

Social network popularity of Star kidsPopularity of the upcoming star kids in B- Town

As the social networking sites and fan pages are a huge craze down the line. The upcoming star kids are one of the hottest topics in the discussions. The star kids like Bachchan’s Aradhya or may be Shahrukh’s son Abram who are now a sensation in the micro blogging sites are in huge demand. While some of the elderly kids of the stars do mould them with situations, like Jhanvi, who seems quite comfortable with all the pompous. But, there are some who are rigorous and finds a way to escape, like SRK’s son Aryan on eid party was fuming on media for taking his snaps. Let us talk about on some of the prominent star kids who are making talks in tinsel town.

Sridevi’s daughter Jhanvi -She is already making in the news on being the next fashion stopper after her cousin Sonam Kapoor. This little girl is seen in all occasions be it a social or friendly matter with her mother. Jhanvi seems to completely ok with posing for cameramen. Owing to her mother’s superior good looks and glamour the genes are injected in her and are working in good times.

Amir Khan’s son Azad – This young star kid is quite a familiar face in many set locations. Azad often accompanies her mother Kiran Rao. Amir Khan, the perfectionist tagged actor seems to be completely ok with the fact of the publicity that his son is gaining slowly. Though not much of his career plan is unveiled but with assumptions to be believed he may put on his father’s shoe in the coming years.

Saif’s daughter Sara Ali khan– There has been lot of talks regarding this Nawab star kid. Sara ali khan the daughter Amrita and Saif is now a grown a up girl. There were many speculations after Saif’s marriage that Sara will join industry. There have been talks on weight issues of this young lady. But Sara Ali khan is in no moods to take hasty decisions. The young girl is keener to complete her higher studies and then a turnaround for her.

Aurav, Akshay’s son – One of the lesser know star kids, predominantly as Akshay covers his family members away from the starry glitters and want to give them a natural upbringing. Though Aurav is too young to take a call, but certainly looks quite a hulk in his appearance in this tender age itself.

Is early exposure to fame a good virtue?

Though with many star kids being thrown in limelight at a very tender age, as in when they don’t know how to tackle situations, this can really affect in adverse ways. Star kids like Alia bhatt, a hot property in present Tinsel town, was totally an uncommon face in Bollywood. There are many who feel hiding away from the limelight can be a good one.



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