Tollywood maestro directors as Jury members in Oscars

September 5, 2013
It can be rightly said as one of the prestigious moments in the cinema of Hyderabad.

Tollywood Directors getting recognition

It can be rightly said as one of the prestigious moments in the cinema of Hyderabad. The two of the most notable directors of Tollywood film, N. Shankar and C.V. Reddy got the prestigious honour to be a part of the selection committee of the Indian film to be chosen for Oscar’s entry. Oscar, which is considered as a platform for the fathers of cinema world. Recognition to be associated with Oscar’s fraternity in any way is like icing on cake.  In the recent times, the Tollywood movies have boosted in the Indian cinema across the globe in a huge way. The films gained in huge business and are gaining a show stopping popularity in many European countries also.

Tollywood eying success in World cinemaIt can be rightly said as one of the prestigious moments in the cinema of Hyderabad.

To speak about in brief about these two directors, they have tasted their success in their own works. While N.Shankar has already owned accolades an honour after winning the Nandi award of recognition and C.V.Reddy has previously essayed the role as a jury in the Indian Panaroma division.  Last year, The Telugu film Eaga gave tough and close fight to Barfi for the Oscar gates. Though ultimately it lost to the Ranbir Kappor starrer Barfi, this year too there are two promising films which are panelled in for a place in Oscars. Both the telugu films that are been shortlisted from the regional levels are “Mithunam” and “Adi Shankara” .While the Mithunam is a tale of love story between two aged couple. It has won huge respect and accolades done south. Critically the movie has got some marvellous reviews and points. The second movie – Adi Shankara is a biopic. Though biopic is now becoming a current hot trend in Indian cinema, this film has essayed the character quite well.

Hyderabad Chosen for screening of Oscar’s nomination

There have been already huge entries posted in the Film federation’s desk for the movies to be empanelled for Oscar’s nomination. As movies in Hyderabad bestows an integral part in the Indian cinema business, so the federation has decided to screen the 5 days of screening and short listing in Hyderabad. The short listing will commence over 5 days; where in 15 films will run. As Indian film is bifurcated under several regional distributaries so collecting the top entries from all will be screen. The occasion will take place from 17th to 22nd September. Among some other notable judges, includes Goutam Ghosh of Bengal film industry as well as Bharatiyaraja.

Will this be an encouragement to future directors?

Though, many movies are made in the South, which stand a chance of being shortlisted in nominations but most of the directors are reluctant to do so. The reason for this by some industry trade gurus is that, the cost of the entry ticket is Rs 50, 000, so diretors do not want to take in risk. Only those films that are of a certain cliche  stand in chance to be an assured screened for Oscars. Luckily this time the two South movies really proved so. Well, what ever be the reason, with Telugu latest movies making it good recognition, hope to see in more entries in coming years.

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