Jagapathi Babu Not Happy With Legend

By - April 14, 2014 - 07:00 AM IST

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They say, Jagapathi Babu has turned a star overnight with Legend. In a way, Legend wouldn’t have been such a hit, had it not been Jagapthi Babu as the villain.

The movie is already running successfully grossing around Rs. 34 Cr in its 15 day run. At this juncture, a reliable insider talk is that Jagapathi Babu is apparently not happy with Legend’s director Boyapati Srinu.

- Actually Jagapathi Babu’s look in Legend is actually his own styling and makeover. But, unfortunately it was credited to the makers instead of Jagapathi Babu.
- Many dialogues of Jagapathi Babu including the one before he dies that were shot on him initially were actually missing in the final cut of the film.
- In spite of being the crucial villain in the film, he was not given the right amount of preference in the poster and other promotions.

All the above seem to be the reasons behind Jagapthi Babu’s displeasure. Director Boyapati has unfortunately earned a negative image of snatching credits and the recent embarrassment by DSP in Legend’s Success meet is just adding fuel to the fire.

But at the end of the day, DSP and Boyapati have patched up! Now or later, Jaggu bhai might also go the patch up way. 

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