Bikini Blast In B-Centers

By - August 16, 2014 - 04:08 PM IST

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The main backbone of revenue for any film is the B,C centers and it is these audience who decide the fate of a film. With that in purview, many filmmakers keep doing their best to come up with elements that appeal to the audience. And one enticing concept for them is the bikini act from the actresses.

So, imagine what would happen if a top league heroine is spotted sporting a two piece and strutting near a beach? The audience would go berserk and collections will reach the peaks. Currently, one bikini blast has happened and the person responsible for that is Samantha.

This lovely smile beauty has donned a bikini for the first time in her career in the latest release Sikander and this news has caused quite a stir among the B,C center crowds. Reports say crowds are flocking to the theatres as they want to catch a glimpse of their favorite starlet in that sexy avatar even it is for few seconds. This bikini feast is sure proving delicious for the viewers.