40 Films @ Save Temples Short Film Contest

By - August 16, 2014 - 04:03 PM IST

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In an effort to protect and create awareness about preserving the Hindu Heritage and Sanathana Dharma, a short film contest is being held and the theme revolves around saving temples. Guinness record holder Dr Ghazal Srinivas along with few NRI organizations is having an extensive role in this initiative.

Hundreds of entries came in for this fest and now, forty films have been shortlisted for the final competition. Interestingly, films from places like London and Mauritius have also come. The top three short films will be given Golden Gomatha, Silver Gomatha, Bronze Gomatha respectively.

There are also special jury awards and thirteen will be given. Apart from that best actor, best director, best idea will also get awards. The event is on August 22-24at Prasad labs, Hyderabad and a special temple setting is being erected at the venue. Who’s who of the industry will be present on 24th and further details will be announced soon.

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