Joru is A Full Length Comedy Entertainer: Sundeep Kishan

By - November 03, 2014 - 08:14 PM IST

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Sundeep Kishan has emerged to be one of the promising actors in the younger generation right from his memorable performance in Prasthanam. He entertained the audience with the feel good comedy drama Venkatadri Express last year and came up with Ra Ra Krishnayya this year as well. Now the actor is in full form with another film Joru directed by Gundello Godari fame Kumar Nagendra. Here is an exclusive interview with the actor:

Hello Sundeep..

Tell us about your new film Joru..
Just like the title, the film is also racy. I never did a full length comedy like this till now. My earlier film Venkatadri Express was appreciated for its good comedy but this film will have ten times more comedy than it!

This is your second film with director Kumar Nagendra after Gundello Godari. The film did not fare well at the Box Office. What made you work with him again?
Though Gundello Godari did not fetch the expected returns, the film was appreciated by the critics. It could get profits as well in some centers. Even before the film was released, Kumar and I planned to do a full length comedy entertainer. It was when Joru started.

Is the story in Joru based on a novel concept?
Well, let me clarify that Joru is not based on a new story! It is just a fresh take on the existing story but with an additional touch to make the audience enjoy the film and feel entertained. There are no unexpected twists or unnecessary drama. It is based on a small story line with good narration.

How was it working with Brahmanandam for the first time in Joru?
It was phenomenal to work with Brahmanandam garu. He did the role called PK- alias Pelli Koduku. He always said he saw a great deal of his son in me. Brahmandanam garu is undoubtedly the main asset for this film.

There are three heroines in this film. Does this mean there are more romance factor?
The story needs three heroines. It is not just for romance. They are crucial for the film. Three heroines would be seen in only one character. It sounds surprising but you will have to wait till the film’s release! In fact, I have two mothers and fathers in the film!

The trend of hero going to the villain’s house and making him fooled has become a big trend in Telugu Cinema now.  Talk has come up that Joru is also based on such idea?
 I shouldn’t reveal the exact format of the film of course but these days most of the films are based on that line. We did not follow the exact formulae but I can confidently say that the scenes in Joru are very novel and hilarious.

Your thoughts on the acting journey till date?
It has been great. There is no relation between each character I did. Whenever I get a good story, I am finding the right producer. I like cinema and acting and I firmly decided that whatever I do would be related to Cinema alone from now.

Did you ever regret not working with big directors?
I am getting such chances now. But as I already have few films in hand I couldn’t accept those offers.

What is your biggest strength?
I work very hard for every role. Give 200% for each character I take and that is my biggest strength. I know only to work hard and give my best for each role I get.

Your take on commercial cinema?
Ra Ra Krishnayya and Joru were the only commercial films I did till now. Venkatadri Express was a good content movie and called commercial because of success.  Commercial cinema is quite important for business and sustainability of the industry.

Did you aim fulfill as an actor by now?
When I first came to the industry six years ago, I thought whether I could do even one film with perfection. Now I have good work in hand and I am thoroughly enjoying my journey.

It is being said that you have increased remuneration now?
I did many films for free and invested in few small budget films too. For Ra Ra Krishnayya ,I took remuneration. For exceptional storyline and big banner films I wouldn’t demand additional remuneration at all!

What is your take on increased budget films?
I never thought about budget or remuneration. Doing a good film is the main aim for me. I wouldn’t think about budget in near future also.

What do you feel about the novel ideas in Telugu Cinema of late?
It is a matter of pride to see many concept oriented films coming in Telugu now. The new age Horror Comedy Films like Geethanjali and Prema Katha Chitram were thoroughly entertaining. More such films should come.

How do you choose your roles?
I am choosing such roles which have a good balance between commercial value and off beat style.

Ra Ra Krishnayya was criticized for being a copy of Bollywood film Tere Naal Love Hogaya. Your comment?
I saw the Hindi version when I completed half of the filming for Ra Ra Krishnayya. The truth is that the Hindi film and our film are inspired from a Hollywood movie. We adapted it to suit the Telugu nativity. However, I felt that if the film was trimmed for around 10 minutes, it would have been better.

Upcoming films?
I am doing a film called Kanmani with a Tamil director. Doing another film with Anand who worked as an assistant to popular director A.R.Murugadoss.

Okay..Thank you and wish you the best for Joru!
Thanks a lot!