Sampoornesh Babu Into Fitness Regime?

By - December 15, 2014 - 05:04 PM IST

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A journey that began from the internet soon entered into the silver screen and made an ordinary looking man a celebrity star. His name is Sampoornesh Babu a.k.a Sampoo alias Burning Star. His debut movie Hrudaya Kaleyam became a big hit and Sampoo became an in-demand star. But here is something concerning his fans.

It is heard that Sampoo is looking slim these days and his fans feel he also seems to be doing some fitness. They say “Doing workouts to an extent is okay but he should not become like Sunil. We like him because of his cute chubby look with that common man appeal. Even Babu Mohan was also loved for the same reasons.”

They add “If he chisels himself too much and tries to look like a hero it may not be that appealing.” While it is not sure what Sampoo is upto, we have to see how his new fitness regime is going to work for him in terms of celebrity quotient and fan following. On work front, he would soon be seen in the new movie Kobaari Mattha as the hero.