Sequels the flavour of the season in Tamil cinema

August 15, 2013
Sequels the flavour of the season in Tamil cinema

We are very familiar with the word sequel. In cinemas, sequels are very commonly observed. The biggest example can be stated as the Harry Potter series. Indian cinema has also introduced the sequel styles from a very long time ago. We can see the sequels even in many south Indian movies like the Tamil movies. In Bollywood, there is a recent release of a sequel movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbai 2. So the contemporary trends of the movies are the sequel styles and we are also eager to watch them.

Sequels to Famous Indian Films

In India, the sequel movie culture has started from a long time ago. The first sequel to hit the Indian cinemas is Nigahen. Released in the year 1989, it was the next part of the Bollywood film Nagina. Some other very popular sequels are Dhoom2, Krissh, Don2, Houseful 2, Golmal part 2 and part 3 and so on. While making the sequels, directors must follow the areas where the fans have liked the maximum and they must include all those in the second part. Some sequels which have been a box office flop are Dhamaal 2, Bheja fry 2, Raaz 2 and so on. After the sequels, the films also loose the fan following the previous movie. In Tamil movies, the sequel culture has recently started. Previously, directors attempted for the sequels of some movies like the second parts of the movies like Billa and Naan Avan Illahi but they were theatrical flops.  So the directors refused for the sequels. Very recently director Raja has started filming to shoot the sequel of his famous film Singham.

Sequel of the Tamil MoviesSequels the flavour of the season in Tamil cinema

There are some very possible Tamil movies which has successful sequel possibilities are Mankatha, Indian, Anniyan, Thupakki, Manmadhan, Endhiran, Aayirathil Oruvan and Tamizh Padham. The main problem which is seen commonly in the case of these Tamil movies is mainly due to the cost of the films and the casts. The Kollywood movies are generally star driven rather than story or character driven. So the Producer will have to pay the director and the cast much more than the previous and this can cause serious problem. Moreover as the first part is a blockbuster hit, the sequel must be a bigger hit so cost or the film also increases by a huge amount. But the recent scenario has changed and Singham 2 is the result. This film hit the cinemas on 5th July. Some other films which deserve recognition are Billa2, Muni 2- Kanchana and Naan Avanillai 2. Generally, the sequels are filmed as the first part becomes a big hit.


The sequel is the new trend in the Tamil movies.Tamil film director Hari stated that it is very important for the viewers to connect the sequel to its previous part. So he did not change the cast for the film Singham 2 from the previous one and added some more characters.

So we hope for the best to see all the sequels of the famous movies of this industry rocking the theatres.

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