Tollywood actors and the lucky mascots

September 30, 2013
Tollywood actors and the lucky mascots

We all are superstitious and believe in something or other when times are rough or when we really need a little confidence to do our work accurately. This belief can work wonders and we can also create masterpieces with them. We regularly go to the astrologers to know our future. Even the celebrities are not out of this belief. They also visit the astrologers very regularly and maintain strictly what they recommend. So we can see is that everyone believes in something or other with utmost respect and fear.
Concept of Lucky Mascot in Bollywood

The Bollywood film industry is a strong believer of this lucky mascot concept. Various actors as well as the celebrities have different different a name lucky mascot.  For example, famous director Karan Johar considers Shahruk Khan as his luck man. He also maintains a name policy for his films. May other examples can be stated here. Like actor Akshay Kumar considers Danny to be his man. Actor Salman Khan considers Vinod Khanna to be his lucky one. So it is seen very widely throughout the industry. Moreover these celebrities have gone so far as to believe all the superstition about the Mangalik factor.

Lucky Mascots of the Tollywood IndustryTollywood actors and the lucky mascots

The lucky mascot factor has crept into the Telegu cinema industries as well. The directors as well as the telegu actors also have started believing someone or other as their lucky one. Some very special lucky mascots of this industry are as follows:-

  • Tamanna: this actress is really believed a very lucky one for the unmarried actors from this industry. Many actors who have paired up opposite this actress have got married very soon after that. For example, Allu Arjun, Ram Charan Teja, Jr. NTR, Karthi Shivakumar and so on. Apart from the marriage factor though, she has given most hit films in her career. Though she has been neglected for the start of her career now considered as a very important one.
  • Sunil: this hero has once been a comedy actor and later has started acting in films. Recently there are many low budget films being done and the hit formula is the X man look and a great body the actors. This hero has recently developed a great six pack body and thus has attracted much of the crowd. Moreover, for the promotion of these films, a very successful actor shows up, consider your film a very successful one.
  • A very convenient way to make your film a huge hit is with the special popular songs which can attract the crowd. These songs are the recent lucky mascots of the films in this industry. Once you do such a song, your film attracts more crowd than before. The directors now even consider these songs as a part of the film.
  • Shruti Hassan: this lady is considered a lucky woman for the director Harish Shankar. She has recently given a much hit one with Pawan Kalyan and now is considered so.
  • The top directors who have turned out very lucky for many actors with low careers are S. S. Rajamouli, Trivikram Srinivas, VV Vinayak and some more.


Everyone believes in someone which has helped them to excel in life. So no doubt that these actors have given their 100% to make these films successful but not due to their so called lucky mascots.


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