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Nearly 50 years ago, ANR got an invite to visit US as the cultural ambassador of India. It was a great honor those days and n that occasion, Telugu Film industry felicitated and congratulated him. After his first ever trip to America successfully, and coming back to India ANR wrote a book “Nenu Chusina America” as well. It became highly popular those days.

Before ANR was to visit US, a prominent cinematographer Selvaraj met him and requested him to get an advanced Camera from there. Selvaraj gave him the technical specifications, company details relating to the Camera. ANR has lot of respect and admiration for Selvaraj. In fact, Selvaraj worked for many of ANRs home production’ Annapurna ‘and ANRs acted films as a cameraman. ANRs first film in dual role, Iddaru Mitrulu had Selvaraj in the camera department and his excellent work is discussed even till date by Film Analysts. With request from such a talented person, ANR searched for that particular camera in all the electronic shops in US and was surprised to know what the shopkeepers told him in return!

When ANR asked one particular shop owner about the camera and gave him the technical details handed over by Selvaraj to him, the shop owner replied, “Sir, this camera which you termed as modern cannot be found even if you search the whole of Market in US. If you are particular about this model, please visit any museum. It might be seen in outdated Camera group”.

Listening to this ANR thought, “Where are we?” and was thoroughly surprised. ANR recalled this incident several times.

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