Are You Ready For The Three Feet Bullet?

By - May 13, 2014 - 07:48 AM IST

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There should be a smile on your face by now. But, we aren’t joking!

Star Comedian Brahmanandam is no less a ‘Ghazni Mohammed’. All his films such as Babai Hotel, Super Heroes, Jaffa etc. bombed at box-office, but he is not giving up as a hero. This “Kill Bill Pandey” not only grew beyond heroes but indeed seriously wishes to be successful as a solo hero too! And maybe that is why he is apparently taking part in a film shoot that has him in the lead.

When we dug deep into this, it is learnt that this film is named as “Moodadugula Bullettu”. Going after Pawan Kalyan’s chartbuster “Aaradugula Bullettu”, this name has already surprised enough in the industry. The film’s shooting is currently under progress as a hush-hush affair and further details are expected very soon.

However, the past clearly hints that people are ready to accept Brahmi as a comedian beyond the hero but not as a hero beyond comedian. Can this 'Three feet bullet' defy the past? Let’s wait for more!