I Wanted To Be A Singer: Nandu

By - July 05, 2014 - 03:55 PM IST

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Many toil hard in the Auto Nagar area but only one could be Surya – a true Winner!

Likewise, many walk in and out of the industry but only a few become Winners!

We can ‘win’ by any means but we need to go through life to become a Winner. And there is one guy who knows the difference between Winning and being a Winner. He is the young starlet Nandu who has been in the game of showbiz from almost 8 years but is now enjoying watching his hardship pay off.

Excerpts from an exclusive chit chat with the young starlet Nandu, now popularly known as Nandu.

How is the response to your character Kichaa in ANS?
It has been great. Dev Katta Sir himself said “He is one actor I never had to interact with!” about my performance. I feel it’s the biggest compliment I can ever have. Well, the audience’s response for my scenes has been good, especially for the line “Idhi Right Idhi Wrong anna dictioniary ippati daka puttaledhu raa” and “battery bandi nunchi poga ela vasthundhi sir’ got good laughs in the Second half.  I’m very happy that the audiences have appreciated the film and my character.

How did you grab Deva Katta’s attention?
(Smiles) All the credit goes to Sri, the costume designer of 100% Love who informed me about this character in Deva sir’s upcoming film and asked me to audition for it. When I did, Deva Katta Sir said I was too urbane and he gave me a month’s time to show up in a rugged look with beard. So, I shed about 7-8 kgs within 25 days and showed up with the beard. He was very impressed. Even during the workshop, I had to toil for the two different looks needed in the film. Deva Katta Sir was happy with my efforts and he confirmed me for the role.

What was the homework you did for your role ‘Kichaa’?
Well, I didn’t need to do much homework. Deva Sir is a brilliant actor and all I had to do was to just imitate him. Even the Vijayawada accent was also an imitation of him. He also worked meticulously along with me during the dubbing session to be ensured of that accent. He is always a class apart.

You already worked with Chaitu in 100% Love but he is a bigger star now. So, how different was your equation?
The only difference is that we became much closer now. He is one good human being who has surprisingly 0% ego always. He is quite reserved and has very few friends. I’m glad that I could be one of them. He is a director’s actor and I’m really happy that he answered all questions over him as an actor.
Kichaa is a mechanic in Auto Nagar. Being a Vijayawada native, how many times did you visit Auto Nagar?
(Laughs) Though I hail from Vijayawada, I visited the place only twice. But I used to visit the Auto Nagar in Vanasthalipuram in Hyderabad. I and my friends used to visit there for luna and moped parts. We also used to try out few crazy mechanical ideas with the skateboards and all. I had some warm memories there.

Tell us one good thing you had to learn from Chaitu, Samantha, Saikumar and Deva Katta?
From Chaitu I learnt dedication. He is a true director’s actor. There was a fight which demanded heavy physical exertion but Chaitu did not demand a comfortable set. He just ventured into it
instantly which is quite a shock from a star kid like him. One needs to believe and surrender to the director like him.

Samantha is a very down to earth, fair, ethical, optimistic, spiritual, egoless girl and a pure soul. She is not only a brilliant actress but a great human being too. The best thing is - if she likes something about her co-stars’ performance, she immediately acknowledges and appreciates which many do not do. I think that is something which will win people for you. It is very rare to see such actresses in industry.  

Deva Sir is a highly knowledgeable person who can talk about any topic from A-Z. One great quality I wish to learn from his is his hard work without even an ounce of laziness. He would do anything for his passion and learning.

Besides a great actor, Sai Kumar garu is a loving and responsible father as well. His affection for his son Aadhi during sets is really admirable. He treats everyone equally. He is very young at heart and at his age, I would also want to be someone like him.

As a lay man, if not Chaitu, whom would you recommend for the title role of ANS?
It is a tough question because I have been travelling with Chaitu and the character of Surya in the film. I cannot think of a replacement for Chaitu in this film. Even me and Geetha thought about it once but we did not get an answer.  He excelled in the role so much that there is no alternative for his character.

What was Geetha’s reaction about ANS?
We watched the first show at 8:20AM show in Prasad IMAX. After the film, she was in tears literally! More than me, she always wished that I should get a good director. She felt Deva Katta is the right person to unleash the acting talent in me.  Unlike the regular supporting roles, she was amazed to see me in almost every frame of the film!

On a personal front, tell us about Nandu- Before Geetha and After Geetha!
(Smiles) There is nothing much of a difference! After marriage I am a successful actor. She has always been a constant support to me. She is my lucky charm and I credit her for my success.
They say your love bloomed with your short film Aditi?
(Smiles) It is not true because we were in relationship even earlier. Because of our relationship, Aditi happened! We were very glad to be a part of Aditi and the kind of response it got was also heart-warming.

As an upcoming actor, what do you believe in more - Luck or Hard Work?
Luck should be definitely there. If I alone could get this Kichaa character, it is sheer luck. But hard work is mandatory to sustain the luck. With consistent hard work, luck will automatically come. I believe in the saying “Try and Try till you succeed!”.

What is one thing which you never shared with anyone but want to exclusively share with iQlik?
(Smiles) I’m a Rapper. I love Rap as a genre and I write English Rap. At one point, I even wanted to be a singer. And then, I am also good in interior designing.  This is something I never shared in any interview.

Your upcoming projects?
I did Paathshala which is scheduled for release in August. I am doing a cameo in Rabhasa which is a short yet crucial role. I’m thankful to Bellamkonda Suresh and Jr.NTR for the big opportunity. And there is a yet another special news which I would reveal soon.

Thank you and wish you good luck!
Thank you! (Smiles)

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