What is Love?: Samantha asks Trivikram

By - July 05, 2014 - 04:12 PM IST

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Generally, audio functions are dance performances, skits, audio release and long speeches. But, Lovers audio release had something special.

Going into the story, director Trivikram and actress Samantha graced the audio function of Lovers with Sumanth Ashwin and Nanditha as the lead pair. And Samantha has given a small written note to Anchor Suma to ask Trivikram on her behalf. The note was actually a question asking Trivikram's opinion on Love. Trivikram on a lighter vein said, "I’m not the right person to say as even my beard has turned grey. According to me Samantha would be the best person to say what love is."

To another question about his all-time favorite Romantic film, he named Maniratnam's all-time classic Geetanjali.

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