Folks Around Telugu Aashiq!!

By - September 04, 2014 - 01:02 PM IST

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If you ask someone deep inside the Tollywood industry they share a common opinion about the folks from Mumbai. Well, the filmnagar circles often say that for actors from Mumbai, Hyderabad is just an earning and learning place with no interest on building relations or making friends. But there is an exception to all of this.

This is in the form of actor Sachiin Joshi. He is the son of the Gutkha Baron Manikchand and is a billionaire kid with lot of clout in Mumbai. However, Sachiin has got a strong affinity towards Tollywood and the reason behind his love for Telugu is unknown. However, wherever Jaggery is, houseflies flock around it.

True to that, whenever Sachiin makes a film it is noticed that all begin to flock around him. The obvious reason to that is the money he splurges in his projects. Recently, he was seen with Nee Jathaga Nenundaali, the remake of the Bollywood hit Aashiqui 2 and though the film didn’t work that much, those who involved in it made good bucks. Some of Sachiin’s well wishers are suggesting that this Telugu Aashiq must focus more on value filled stories and proper scripts and that should pave way for good success to him here. Since he is showing so much love in Telugu, even we would feel good if he tastes some victory here.