Senior Naresh Targets RGV?

By - September 04, 2014 - 01:53 PM IST

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Actor Naresh is one of the few senior actors in Tollywood who are not just socially active but active in Social Media as well.

He never shies away from voicing out his opinion on any subject under the sun, especially through his twitter handle. All his tweets are sharp, acute and do have substance in it. Besides his tweets on political issues, his latest tweet has been an eye-catcher.

“Some film makers who Hv lost focus on film making are focussing on surviving via controversy. They r nt sparing God's too. JUST IGNORE THEM” tweets Naresh.

Onlookers say that this tweet seems to be targeting sensational director RGV. Because RGV is the one who has been facing the heat from all walks of the society for his recent controversial remarks on Lord Shiva and Ganesha! Even religious pundits have condemned his comments and tried preaching him gyan.

And Naresh’s recent tweets also seem to be trying to give the adamant director some gyan. Well, if those tweets are really targeted at RGV - “RGV…are you listening?”

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