Chakkiligintha is an Unpredictable Film: Sumanth Ashwin

By - December 02, 2014 - 02:27 PM IST

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Sumanth Ashwin has made his mark as a youthful and effervescent hero with films like Antaku Mundhu Aa Tarvatha and Lovers. Being the son of popular producer M.S.Raju, Sumanth has been choosing interesting scripts for his career. Now, he is all set to entertain the audience with Chakkiligintha. Here is an exclusive chitchat with the energetic actor:

Hello Sumanth..how are you doing?
I am doing good..thank you!

Please tell us about your film Chakkiligintha..
The film is based on a very different subject. I still wonder how my director Vema Reddy got such an idea! Many directors draw inspiration from Hollywood or World Cinema but this idea is totally original. Director Sukumar and Vema Reddy are good friends and Sukumar even told me once that Vema had the capability of becoming a director even before him. He also said they share a similar thought process. I realized what Sukumar said after working with Vema for Chakkiligintha.

We are curious to know about your characterization in the film now..
My characterization is quite unpredictable. The hero’s ideas and actions are different. It would be understood to an extent about why he is behaving in such way during the interval. I found the progress of the script to be quite interesting.
Are you nervous about the film’s release as it sounds to be a different idea?
Usually people are tensed before film release. But for me after watching the first half, I felt like discussing with my friends despite knowing the script and the story. I am sure you all would feel the same. Chakkiligintha will become a hot topic of discussion once it is released!

It is said that you did a lip lock scene for this film?
(Smiles) It isn’t really a lip lock. It’s a peck and was needed for the story. If the story doesn’t demand, there is no need of six pack and lip lock scenes. As for this peck scene, it would be understood while watching on silver screen!

Did you make any special effort for preparing for your role in Chakkiligintha?
For Antaku Mundhu Aa Tarvata, I experimented with Rajahmundry youngster slang and worked on it. However, for Lovers I did more of a spontaneous acting. Coming to Chakkiligintha, I found it difficult to act like an unpredictable hero. However, my film’s team helped me and got me prepared so well for the film that I didn’t find it difficult. This is my fourth film and I can confidently say that the role is completely different to the earlier ones.

Please tell us about the music of Chakkiligintha..
I like Mickey J Meyer a lot because he is very good in delivering melodious numbers. His music is really good and a great asset for this film

Is there any special reason for naming the film as Chakkiligintha?
We were particular to have a Telugu title for the film. Vema Reddy did not want to keep a trendy English title to draw the attention. Many people advised against this saying it might impact the openings but Chakkiligintha is the right title for the film.

Did any film industry personalities watch your film?
My dad and Dil Raju garu watched it. Dil Raju immediately came forward to buy the Nizam rights and that itself is an example of the film’s potential.

Will Chakkiligitha have Sukumar flavor?
Sukumar and Vema Reddy are friends and they think on similar lines. This film also has such things but portrayed and presented differently.

Please tell us about the filming experience in Vizag..
We wanted to do a schedule in Vizag. But it was when Hudhud happened and wanted to do in Goa or Kerala but Vema Reddy insisted it should be done in Vizag. We did one song in Vizag. While Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana explored the best of Araku Valley, this song would show the best of Vizag! We are considering it like a tribute to Vizag and the city’s spirit.

Many people say your acting style is like that of Ram. Your comment?
I don’t do it on purpose. As a matter of fact, I never planned to imitate any actor. I don’t know how to copy also. For that matter, you take any actor, he would be resembling a Hollywood or a Bollywod actor in some scene or other.

What is your dad’s role in selection of your scripts?
Yes... He is helping me with choosing scripts. His judgment never fails and he is a great advisor to me.

How did you get into movies?
I never wanted to study. My dad asked me whether I can come to films and by then I wasn’t too much into movies. I used to visit film sets along with my dad often when I found interest in direction. I tried short films as well. I accidentally participated in a photo shoot for the film for which I was already working as an assistant director. A director saw it and said I had the essential features of becoming a hero. Then for the first time, I thought of becoming hero. But I was a 90kgs plump then. I worked hard in gym and got into the shape you are seeing now (Winks).

Do you have any good friends within the industry?
All the directors I’ve worked with are my good friends.

What about a girlfriend?
I don’t have a girlfriend (Laughs). I consider it as a good thing because I can focus on my work during sets and I don’t need to constantly message! However, if I find the one I would definitely get into a relationship.

Upcoming movies?
I am doing Kerintha produced by Dil Raju. Another film is produced by Damodar Prasad and the director details would be revealed soon.

Okay..thanks and wish you the best for Chakkiligintha!
Thanks a lot!

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