Hero Nandu's Humble Confession

By - December 17, 2014 - 10:16 AM IST

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When you become a hero, you tend to develop an air that is filled with self-pride and ego. It takes a lot of discipline and humility to stay grounded. Those who stick to it become very successful down the line. While that quality has become quite rare, here is one hero who seems to be connected to his roots properly.

He is none other than Nandu and he was sharing his thoughts in the audio function of his new movie Pesarattu. Nandu reportedly said “I know I am not a big hero to get massive openings. In fact, my director Mahesh Kathi has got fans and audience will come due to his following.”

He added ”I have acted in the first crowd funded film in Tollywood and I am very happy. Now, the talk should spread and positive response should come once the film releases. I am not someone who can get openings.” Those who heard this said “One should have guts to speak like that. Quite often, true confession and knowing where he stands is very important for a hero. It is this humble and realistic approach that will take him to good heights and close to the hearts of public.”
Interestingly Nandu is the hero who is now busy with back to back films. 

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