Entire Tollywood Weeps For Pakistan

By - December 17, 2014 - 09:47 AM IST

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The bloody massacre that has shook the army school in Peshawar, Pakistan has rattled the bones of everyone across the globe. The suicide attack by Taliban Jihadists resulted in the death of more than 130 school children and hundreds are still lying injured. While anguish and anger is being expressed from many corners even Tollywood is not behind. Here is a glimpse of how they are feeling through their tweets-
Isha Chawla – ‘Devastated... How could they have the heart to kill innocent kids... Have nothing to say except lets really pray for human kind.’
Hansika- ‘Seriously inhuman! My heart aches today for all us and everyone in Pakistan #stopthekilling #inhuman #Peshawar’
Sonu Sood- ‘Can't sleep .. What must the parents and families of those children be going through? #PakSchoolMassacre #PeshawarAttack. I feel schools in India should be closed for a day to mark our solidarity towards those innocent angels who lost their lives #IndiawithPakistan’
Shreya Ghoshal- ‘Speechless, angry, numb, disgusted, hurt, helpless. #PeshawarAttack My prayers to all those innocent children who lost their lives. Did God know that creating humans is going to be His biggest mistake.. Creating such evil monsters amongst us was in His greater plan?’
BVS Ravi – ‘This act of terrorism should redefine the war on terror. The whole world should deal with this decades old mayhem with more stronger tactful United face.’
Shruti Haasan- ‘disgusted and heartbroken-murder Is never justified and the killing of innocent children is just devastating #PeshawarAttack #cowards’
Trisha- ‘Landed to the worst news ever. Peshawar’
Nani – ‘Idhem kharma .. Pillalu em chesaru ..2014 is just getting worse and worse.’
Navdeep – ‘What kind of sick men can think of hurting innocent children?? If the world doesnt stop them after what happened today then its probably the end of humanity!! Shocked

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