Richest Comedians In Tollywood

By - December 16, 2014 - 08:19 PM IST

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You might be under the impression that it is only the heroes who tend to have the lion’s share of income in cinema industry and they become rich. But that’s not how things work in Tollywood. A lot of importance is given to comedians because comedy is a very important element for a film’s success here.

This is one reason why comedians get paid in good sum and there are two men who are called the richest comedians in Tollywood. They are the duo of Ali and Brahmanandam. Ali started his career as a child artist and eventually grew up to be a comedian and even a hero in few projects.

Brahmi began his career in 87-88 and became on par with heroes today. Till now both are ruling the roost. They are highly paid and always in demand. The main reason is, they are very disciplined and do not indulge in vices. Whatever they have earned, they made wise investments in properties. If anyone has to look for role models from film industry, they must take Brahmi and Ali as reference. Both don’t have bad habits and are very health conscious. They try to be in good company and jovial atmosphere and make it a point to spend great time with family.

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