GS 2 Heroine in Gopala Gopala!

By - January 10, 2015 - 03:48 PM IST

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Gabbar Singh 2 Heroine Anisha Ambrose is the new muse in the tinsel town now. For all of you, who are waiting to see her in Pawan Kalyan’s next magnum opus Gabbar Singh 2, guess you have missed her special appearance in Gopala Gopala!

Wondering where’s Anisha in Gopala Gopala? Who do you think the anchor with Venkatesh in the TV Show episode scene (in the second half) is? Yes… she is Anisha Ambrose. Though it was a trivial scene where she (Anisha) interviews the character Gopal Rao (essayed by Venkatesh) in a TV show, she was elegant and fits the bill of an anchor.

Of course this isn’t a new discovery but everything got flooded away in the God’s magic. Everyone was so mesmerized with Pawan’s magic and Venky’s performance that nothing else got registered. Well, others who haven’t watched the film yet, do catch a glimpse of Anisha in Gopala Gopala now!

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