Will She Fill Anushka's Place?

By - March 22, 2015 - 10:47 AM IST

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In your experience as a cine viewer, you must have seen several heroines come and go. Among them, there are those one or two rare beauties who really stand the test of time and imprint their image in your hearts. One such person is the awesome beauty Anushka who has a wholesome fan base right from masses to family audience.

But then, given the shelf life of a heroine, the packup days come fast and now Tollywood is scouting for the right successor to Anushka. Sources say all fingers are pointing towards only one person. She is the seductive eyed beauty Anjali. Though she is a Telugu girl, her cine journey started in Tamil.

Eventually, she came to Tollywood and made a mark of her own. Be it the natural sex appeal, the homely beauty or the super performance quotient, Anjali has got it all just like Anushka does. At the same time, she has also spread her charm across the other regional industries as well. Only time will reveal if Anjali will become the chosen one or not

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