'Baahubali Formula: 'S' In Part-1- 'R' In Part-2

By - March 22, 2015 - 10:39 AM IST

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From the moment the magnum opus Baahubali was announced, most of you have been curious to know how it is shaping up, what is going to be the story like and stuff like that. Well, here is something that might satiate your curiosity a bit. We are talking about the structure of this movie.

You are aware that the film is coming in two parts and the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli has shaped it very cleverly. Inside news is that the first half will be filled with suspense and a lot of questions will be hitting the audience. There will be a wide range of emotional peaks as well.

So, you will walk out of the theatres after watching the part 1 with quite a few questions and open ended thoughts. And all the answers to that would be revealed in part 2. So, at any cost part 2 has to be seen or else the total purpose of watching Baahubali will be lost because part 1 gives only suspense and only part 2 reveals it.

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