Tall Lady's Balancing Act With Salman

By - May 07, 2015 - 07:18 PM IST

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In what can be called as a true gesture that reflects no one is above the law, the sensational judgement on Bollywood’s mighty heart Salman Khan took place. The star is now sentenced to five years in prison and the entire nation and many parts of the globe have been discussing about it on the internet.

Meanwhile, one tall beauty is also sharing her thoughts on it and she has been doing a balancing act. She is none other than the sexy siren Sanjjanaa Galrani and this starlet got to share her thoughts on her social networking profile. As it is, Sanjjanaa has got a lot of followers on her account.

The tweets go like this- ‘Come what may, Law is law for actors/common man, but I think @BeingSalmanKhan has already made up by doing so much charity & should be forgiven!’
‘He & his family have suffered enough & more for the crime committed for so many years, @BeingSalmanKhan should be forgiven! More power to him!’

‘How many of us really involve in abundance or even minimum charitable activities, so when someone like @BeingSalmanKhan is doing it to make up?’

‘My condolence to the family of the affected in the @BeingSalmanKhan case, it's a 12 year old incident that's flaring up, everyone deserves forgiveness’

‘A theory I sincerely follow! : #mywayoflife : #SalmanVerdict please #forgivesalman !! He is surely a nice man now!’

Many of Sanjjanaa and Salman’s fans have been praising her for this. What do you have to say about it.

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