'DMDK' Premiere Talk

By - May 08, 2015 - 12:07 PM IST

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Usually, a premiere is held for a film in order to give the special privilege of viewing to members of the film fraternity and certain sections of the media. In a way, it is as good as a release because the word comes out. In that process, one film had a grand premiere at the famous Prasads theatre in Hyderabad.

We are talking about the movie Daagudumootha Dandakoru starring Nata Kireeti Rajendra Prasad and baby Sara Arjun. Slated to be a remake of the Tamil movie Saivam, the film has garnered a very positive response from the media and cine members alike. They say that the film is a clean family entertainer.

Most of the praises are going to the child artist Sara who stole the show with her act. The other observation is that, while first half has been somewhat entertaining, the second half is more emotional and it doesn’t get too melodramatic. All in all, ‘DMDK’ seems to have scored good marks by appeasing the family audiences.

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