Ram Charan's National Permit

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When is the time you would require a national permit? When you are having a commercial vehicle such as a taxi or a truck and are willing to travel across the entire nation on work. So, are you wondering what is the link between the mega powerstar Ram Charan and the national permit? Here are the details.

Charan is all set to takeoff with his new business which is airlines. His company is called Turbo Megha Airways and till recently, Charan could get permission from the aviation authorities to fly only within Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states. But now, he has got the big clearance.

Reports reveal the union aviation ministry has given the national permit to Charan’s airline so you can find Turbo Megha Airways heading from the down south to the uppermost tip of this country. What remains to be seen is how aggressively and strategically will Charan take this business venture forward. Best of success Cherry!

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