Lakshmi Rai Becomes Costly Affair

By - August 03, 2015 - 10:00 AM IST

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Most of us find heroines and actresses to be the most fascinating beings around and we will never miss an opportunity to take a photo with them. So, getting to spend some time with them will be considered like a dream come true. However, here is some dose of reality that might taste bitter.

Spending time with actresses or heroines is a very costly affair and this is something event organizers and companies who seek celebrity presence know very well. In that aspect, the name of the luscious beauty Lakshmi Rai is being considered as extremely premium.

Apparently, Lakshmi is considered the hot property and most favorite for stage shows and she has become expensive also due to that demand. As such, regular actresses charge around 3-5 lakhs for one performance but she charges in double digits. Despite that, she is taken and that way, more than movies, she is popular in this circuit. So, in case you want Lakshmi Rai for an event, be prepared on how much you need to shell.

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