Lawrence There- Kona Here

By - August 04, 2015 - 05:58 PM IST

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They are two of a kind. One is a multi-talented personality who started his career as a dancer and dance master and eventually he also became an actor and a successful director. The other started as a ghost writer and eventually he became a writer and then a producer. The former is in Kollywood and the latter is in Tollywood.

We are talking about Lawrence Raghava and Kona Venkat and it appears that the duo has got something in common now. Well, recently Lawrence came up with the horror thriller Kanchana 2 and scored a very big hit. Now, the news is that the team is coming together for making a new project.

Similarly, Kona Venkat wrote the story and produced the film Geethanjali which is also a horror thriller and became a big hit. Now, the same team is coming together for a new movie in Telugu but this time it is going to be a terror comedy. That way, both Lawrence and Kona seem to be fixed on giving some goosebumps to the audience.  

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