Heroes On Homeo For Hair Fall

By - August 21, 2015 - 05:12 PM IST

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As you start growing old, there are many symptoms and changes you will notice in your body and you try to take maximum measures to curb it. This is much more mandatory for the film stars who need to look fresh and young at all times and this is more when they are facing the camera.

While technology has proved useful to cover their wrinkles and sagging eye sockets through computer graphics, that is not the case when hair fall occurs. There are many heroes who suffer from serious hair related issues and while have resorted to wigs, few others have resorted to weaving.

But even that reveals the artificiality so now many heroes are turning towards homeopathy. They are using stuff like Arnica Hair oil and Arnica Montana shampoo to ensure the hair fall is reduced and hair growth is rejuvenated. Some are also going for homeopathic pills. This is proving to be a permanent solution for this issue.

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