Sr Actor Becomes A Bomb Now

By - September 16, 2015 - 04:57 PM IST

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Once you become an actor there is a particular etiquette and decorum you need to follow as long as you are part of the entertainment industry. The first requirement in that is to maintain diplomacy whenever you are on a public platform and not reveal negative emotions like anger, frustration etc.

And this becomes more stringent if you become a senior actor. Despite all those barriers, one senior actor ended up throwing bomb like statements at a press meet. All this is currently happening in the Kollywood circuit and the man in discussion is none other than Supreme Star Sarath Kumar.

From a long time, Sarath Kumar has been the president of Nadigar Sangham, the Tamil industry’s film association and in October the elections are being held for the posts. As part of that, certain allegations cropped up on Sarath Kumar and his team from the opponent’s side. With this, Sarath got all emotional and called for a press meet and vented out his emotions. He has also warned that if he opens his mouth, lot of secrets will come out and people will get hurt. Let us wait and see where this is going to lead.

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