Entire Nation Asking For Malayalam Channel

By - October 02, 2015 - 04:01 PM IST

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It is only your common sense that depending on what your mother tongue is, you tend to watch those channels on your television set. To some extent, you do watch Hindi and English since most of you would know it. In that situation, an interesting development is now being seen across the nation.

Reports reveal many home users are asking their respective cable operators if they can get one Malayalam channel. It is called Mazhavil Manorama and there is a reason behind that. The first ever world premiere  of the magnum opus Baahubali is all set to be telecast in the Mazhavil Manorama channel on October 4.

Hence, all of them want to watch it irrespective of the language barrier. This is more in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States and some parts of north India. The interesting part is, even non–Mallus who have no clue about the language are also asking for the channel. That is the craze Baahubali has developed among the people.

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