Most Popular Comedian On Twitter

By - October 02, 2015 - 03:15 PM IST

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These days if you are to rate the fame and popularity of a film celebrity the best way to do that is check his/her following on the social media. In that, the Twitter platform is proving to be an effective tool. Most of the times, we discuss about heroes or heroines or politicians but here is another vertical.

This is the vertical of comedians and Tollywood has been the haven for a range of comedians who have made their presence felt at every instant. Among them, there is one man who is emerging as the most popular comedian on Twitter. He is none other than Vennela Kishore and there is a reason behind that.

Kishore is very active on Twitter and almost all his posts contain a lot of wit and humor. Just like his onscreen persona, he has been reflecting the same in his real life too. Currently, he has 366k followers which is rather remarkable.

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