K Viswanath's Image Pushing Real Estate

By - October 21, 2015 - 05:35 PM IST

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There is a common question most of you might be having in your brains as to why do companies shell out a bomb and rope in top league film celebrities for their brand endorsement. There is a very good reason why they do that because branding results in increase of business to a large extent.

Whenever a big name endorses a particular company the results are quite visible. Here is another example. Till recently, the real estate segment has been going through a lull and during that phase, a real estate company by name Suvarnabhoomi was able to do some decent business.

The reason being, its brand ambassador is none other than Kala Tapaswi K Viswanath. It is heard that four years back also, one full venture got sold just because of his face representing the company. Now, there is news that the rate of sales has increased by four times thanks to the legendary filmmaker.

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