Director's Acting Skills Revealed

By - November 06, 2015 - 10:29 AM IST

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In order to become a good director, the first fundamental you need to know is, you need to be a good actor. Unless you cannot act, you cannot extract that required performance from your actors. In many instances, despite the best of actors and storylines, films fail due to lack of proper performance extraction.

But if you were to name a director who is best at what he does, it is the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma. His films may not have worked in the recent past, but every film of his has given birth to a highly talented actor or actress, that’s RGV’s eye for performers. Usually, he is busy behind the camera.

However, recently he sprang a big surprise by showcasing his acting skills. All this happened in the latest edition of the famous online show ‘All India Bakchod (AIB)’. The topic they chose was about ‘Fire’ and its safety. In that RGV brought a correlation to his movie Aag and gave a stupendous performance. This would be an absolute treat for RGV fans!

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