Architect Turned Hero On Bike Art

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The first impression you would get of a hero is that he is good only at acting, dancing, fighting and emoting but nothing more. However, there are also those individuals who are not only good at acting but posses some really fine talents. They are showcased now and then.

One such hero in Tollywood is Kamal Kamaraju. He is one of those offbeat actors who has chosen to come in some interesting films. Acting aside, Kamal is also a noted artist, architect in Hyderabad and gets featured in different magazines. But this time, he has shown yet another talent of his.

Recently, Kamal did a piece of art and it was not on canvas. This was actually on the parts of a bike and this is now grabbing attention. Reports also reveal this bike art model is going to be featured in the India Bike Week which is going to take place at Goa. Here’s wishing all success and recognition for Kamal.

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